michelle wong

research coordinator at Duke University



Hello! I'm the research coordinator for the BRITElab at Duke University.

I'm wildly interested in multidisciplinary, kid-centric approaches to studying learning both inside and outside the traditional classroom. I graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in Program II: Neuroanthropology in Pedagogy, Policy, and Practice. As an undergraduate, I explored the grounding of metaphor as a tool for everyday cognition, and how specific metaphors, like teaching metaphors (e.g. “A teacher is like a gardener, and students are like plants'') can affect beliefs in educational settings. I was advised by Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard.

I will be applying to PhD programs in Psychology, Cognition, and Education for Fall 2022 entry.

Please feel free to drop a note! Email: michelle.wong1@duke.edu | Twitter: @michellewtweets