For Statistics

One of the coolest projects ever -- helps you visualize key concepts in statistics. Developed by Daniel Kunin. 

Interactive and SO fun to click through the chapters. "This book explores the probabilistic approach to cognitive science, which models learning and reasoning as inference in complex probabilistic models...[and] can be modeled using probabilistic programs (using the WebPPL language)."

By Michael C. Frank, Mika Braginsky, Julie Cachia, Nicholas Coles, Tom E. Hardwicke, Robert Hawkins, Maya Mathur, and Rondeline Williams

From preface site: "This book provides an introduction to the workflow of the experimental researcher working in psychology or the behavioral sciences more broadly. The organization of the book is sequential, from the planning stages of the research process through design, data gathering, analysis, and reporting. Throughout, we also illustrate the pitfalls that led to the “replication crisis” in psychology."

(Also helpful information on why we pre-register, project management, ggplot, rmarkdown, etc.)  

Summarizing general guidelines for reporting statistics in psychology research. Covers rounding, descriptives, non-parametric tests, t-tests, ANOVAs, correlations. 

For Research & Workflow

Allows you to enter a few highly relevant research articles, then identifies recommended previous and later research. Updates your research as you add more relevant articles. Free with an .edu email! 

Visual tool to view similar papers in the field, see popular cited works, and keep up with trending papers in the field. 

Like Zotero/Mendeley, but BETTER.  Seamless iPad/ApplePencil integration (probably the biggest perk!), Google Docs compatible, overall fanatstic, all-time favorite citation machine.

I love, love, love, love, love, love Notion and apparently others do too! "Notion is a project management and note-taking software" according to their website but for me, it's my to-do list, my diary, my reading list, and so much more."

For Graphics

Totally free hand-drawn illustration library to create scenes of people created by Pablo Stanley. 

Free-to-use high resolution images brought to you by the world's most generous community of photographers. 

Any icon you'll need, will have it. Millions of free icons and stock photos that you can download as SVG and PNG files.

Saves you so so SO much time for those class presentations/talks you've put off til 

For Professional Development

Grad School Prep: Workshops & Institutes 

To be updated! Info seems to change year to year! 

For Research Mentors

Duke U's P&N Mentoring Handbook

[Click box to expand into window.] This handbook is so thoughtfully put together by Drs. Fernanda Andrade, Jaime Castrellon, Eva Gjorgieva, Charlotte Moore, Natasha Parikh, John Powers, Divya Subramanian, Camila Vargas, Peter Whitehead, Brenda Yang & Paula Yust. While some sections are Duke specific, the general sections II and III helped me considered questions I never thought about!

P&N Mentoring Handbook (Living Document)

For Fun (?)

A tool to make it easier for students, instructors, and other researchers to explore their own language and reflect on how this language reveals their growth and fixed mindsets. Developed by an awesome research team at Duke University. 

Self explanatory^