For Undergraduates: Links I Love

Visual tool to view similar papers in the field, see popular cited works, and keep up with trending papers in the field.

A tool to make it easier for students, instructors, and other researchers to explore their own language and reflect on how this language reveals their growth and fixed mindsets. Developed by an awesome resesarch team at Duke University.

Allows you to enter a few highly relevant research articles, then identifies recommended previous and later research. Updates your research as you add more relevant articles. Free with an .edu email!

A document summarizing general guidelines for reporting statistics in psychology research. Covers rounding numbers, descriptive statistics, non-parametric tests, t-tests, ANOVAs, correlations.

Open Peeps is a hand-drawn illustration library to create scenes of people.

"Notion is a project management and note-taking software" according to their website but for me, it's my to-do list, my diary, my reading list, and so much more.

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